feel alive. live free.

break free from mediocrity and unleash who you were born to be

Do you ever feel…

….like you’re going through the motions, knowing that there’s much more to life than your current reality?

Deep down you know you’re here for something more; something bigger.

You have dreams of making a difference and living life with a greater sense of purpose and freedom, but maybe you feel stuck and bit directionless.

Perhaps, along your journey you’ve achieved high-levels of success, but you know that the life you’ve been living is not in alignment with your soul’s true path and you’re ready for a change.


For years, I lost myself in the corporate machine, doing what I thought I was supposed to do to be happy and successful.

worked tirelessly building somebody else’s dream in order to sustain a comfortable life void of any meaning or actual purpose, only to find myself feeling anxious, depressed and in a rut.

It wasn’t until I granted myself full permission to embrace my authentic self and follow my own unique path, did I find the answers, clarity and freedom I was seeking.

And I want to help you do the same….

Hi, I’m Christopher

Teacher • Guide • Entrepreneur

For nearly two decades, I’ve been on a quest of self-discovery, diving into the depths of my own consciousness to uncover who I am and why I’m here. My journey has led me around the globe, from the grasslands of Tanzania, Africa to the jungles of Peru.

Along the way, I’ve trained and studied ancient healing modalities while connecting, collaborating and guiding executives, entrepreneurs and visionaries to reconnect with themselves and live aligned to their higher purpose.

My work offers a unique blend of intuitive guidance, self-mastery tools, business growth strategies, and neuro-somatic healing practices to support you in embodying your highest soul expression so you can create a life of meaning, impact and freedom. 

You can think of me as your Soul Doula. I help you birth your true Self into the world.

elevate with me


Personalized high-level support for those ready to embody their soul’s mission and higher purpose.


In-person and virtual experiences designed to elevate your deep clarity, fulfillment, and healing.


Live and pre-recorded immersions to support you in your personal growth, healing and awakening.

what people are saying

“Since working with Chris, I’ve noticed my mind is a lot quieter throughout the day and I’m more available for others. I feel lighter and more content which carries through my day. I highly recommend anyone interested in creating more fulfillment and deeper meaning in life take on Chris as their guide.”


Founder of Life Itself

“I’ve had many upgrades and breakthroughs as a result of working with Chris. Erasing limiting beliefs and forming new paradigms. I’m filled with gratitude while writing this and that is a direct result of his work. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to heal and discover more of themselves. Thank you Chris!”


Plant-Based Cook and Blogger

“This was truly the most transformative work I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of. I have shifted the way I see myself, the way I make decisions and the way I live my life, in general. Limiting beliefs and self doubts were released and I feel more connected to myself, my purpose and others on levels I never knew existed.”


Yogi and Entrepreur


An on-demand Sonic Breathwork™ and Sound Healing studio designed to optimize and elevate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. (App in development, coming 2022)


A leading-edge brotherhood for heart-led men. We are on a mission to develop the new frontier of masculinity with the intention to create a more unified and connected world.


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